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Menses should start, but they don’t. Pregnancy tests give negative results. You are at a loss. Familiar situation? So confusing and alarming, it happens regularly to so many women. Whether it’s normal or abnormal, how to react, what triggers late period, – these major issues we will clarify in this article. All women should know that, regardless of whether it’s your current situation or not. One day it can happen to anybody. So, if you are reading these lines and you are a woman, let’s discuss one of the most vital female topics: “Missed period, negative test”. [click to continue…]

Understanding the process of how the pregnancy occurs from within and why sometimes it can’t happen gives a valuable insight on how you can fix the situation so that you get closer to your goal – desirable pregnancy. There’s a widespread belief among women, trying to conceive, that if basal body temperature in the 2nd phase of menstrual cycle is below 37 degrees Celsius and then rises again, this is a sign of the ovum’s death. Objectively, that’s not true. Moreover, the given fact may indicate quite the opposite processes in your organism – pregnancy. Let’s clarify the myth and all the accompanying issues. [click to continue…]

Basal body temperature charts help women immensely at the stage of preparing for pregnancy. You might have heard from your gynecologist about the importance of taking basal body temperature (BBT) during at least 3 menstrual cycles if you’re currently trying hard to get pregnant. It’s also remarkable that World Health Organization recognizes taking BBT as one of the two major methods of fertility monitoring. Here we are going to look into the rules of the procedure and how this method works for you. [click to continue…]

If you have been trying to conceive with no big luck, don’t be in a hurry to jump to doubtful conclusions about your infertility. Basal body temperature charts will offer you more reliable information. Now that you have made your first BBT charts, you are certainly impatient to know their interpretation. Actually, you are going to get professional estimation of your condition only from a gynecologist, however, while you are waiting for your appointment, we’ll provide you with valuable information on 5 major types of basal body temperature charts, presented in classic obstetrics and gynecology health guides. [click to continue…]

Planning a pregnancy is a crucial tool for strategic modeling of your family life. A difficulty to conceive is not always a sign of infertility but rather lack of knowledge in regards to when you have the highest chances to get pregnant. A well-known fact states that pregnancy can occur only during specific days of menstrual cycle, when you ovulate. In this relation, World Health Organization offers a few efficient methods of detecting fertility. Using these methods, you can precisely define those most favorable days for conception in every cycle. [click to continue…]