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How To Induce Your Period: 5 Methods and 3 Powerful Natural Means

How to induce menstruation?

Absence of periods may be primary (in case it didn’t occur until the age of 16) and it can also testify to the imminence of menopause. As for a delay in fertile age (disposed for fertilization), it might be caused by pregnancy, adhesions, hormonal disruptions, stress or a pronounced change in body weight. 3 powerful corrective means are eating healthy food, maintaining optimal weight and having regular sex.

Delays or absence of periods can generally be classified into three main periods in a woman’s life: not yet started periods (15-16 years), extended pause between periods (at any stage after establishment of the cycle), delays, associated with non-regular cycle during the menopause (40-45 years).

Thus, corrective means for these conditions significantly differ from each other.

How to induce your period in case it has not yet started

Normally, the first period (menarche) starts at the age of 10-13. In case no indicators of puberty are observed at the age of 14, or if secondary sexual characters (breasts, body hair) have fully developed, but menarche still doesn’t occur at the age of 16, we definitely deal with primary amenorrhea.

It has various causes, from anatomic anomalies of the deferens tract (virginal membrane, vagina, uterus) to ovary pathologies, hypothalamus and genetic mutations.

Inducing a period in case of primary amenorrhea is impossible without medical intervention. Depending on etiology, it might require medicamental or surgical treatment.

Delay, as a disturbance of a previously established cycle

The most common cause of delay in menstruation is pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy, temporary pause might be caused by:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS);
  • Thyroid dysfunction;
  • Adhesive processes in the uterus, caused by an abortion;
  • Stress, athletic overexertion, climatic changes;
  • Transient weight loss.

In the first case, i.e. during pregnancy, you shouldn’t induce a period, even if it is undesired. Any “traditional remedies” will do harm not only to the fetus, which, by the way, has good survival resources and is not as easy to get rid of, as it might seem, but the mother.

That is why experiencing a delay, it would be better to take a home pregnancy test first. If it turns out to be positive, then you should see your doctor. There is a concept of a false-negative test (as well as of a false-positive). In view of this, any pauses in the menstrual cycle should be better double checked (at least twice) with an interval of a few days, and only after this, you should start thinking of methods of inducing your period.

How to induce your period, in case there are no chances of pregnancy?

Hormonal disruptions of the menstrual cycle, including polycystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid diseases, are rather common phenomena in recent times. Polycystic syndrome may be accompanied by such symptoms as obesity, hirsutism (abnormal growth of hair on a woman’s face, breasts and legs), dysfunctional uterine bleeding, infertility and recurrent miscarriages.

Instant inducement of menstruation

Depending on the activity of the pathology, we distinguish between 5 methods of correcting PCOS:

  1. Diet and physical exercising;
  2. Antidiabetic drugs;
  3. Oral contraceptives and other types of hormonal treatment;
  4. In case of profuse continuous bleeding – curettage of uterine cavity;
  5. Microsurgical intervention on the ovaries.

The direction of treatment and its volume can only be defined by a doctor and only after the examination of the specific situation.

Swelling of the face, excessive sweating, somnolence and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as having an irregular cycle, can indicate to thyroid pathology. Insufficiency of thyroid hormones can be corrected by intake of iodine drugs, including consumption of iodized salt. But in case the level of hormones is too high, such self-treatment won’t do any good. To choose a good tactics, you should consult an endocrinologist.

How to induce your period in case of other pathological causes of a delay

As it has already been noted, period delays may be caused by adhesions in the uterine cavity following endometritis, abortions or other surgical intervention. This process is subject to exclusively surgical treatment, while the delay, caused by stress or athletic overexertion, can easily be corrected at home. For this, you need to:

  • Take a warm relaxing bathe;
  • Drink strong hot tea, or else a glass of red wine.

You may try to experiment with such products as celery, papaya and cane sugar. There is no need to “indulge” in medical preparations. Balance of vitamins C and E is certainly vital for a normal menstrual cycle, but one-time intake of these pills in massive doses, as it is ubiquitously advised on the Internet, is fraught with serious complications. Also, you should by no means take aspirin.

The free-standing drug for early interruption of pregnancy and therefore, induction of a period – Postinor, unfortunately, can be irreplaceable in case of, for example a rape. But using it not as a last measure is extremely dangerous and unjustified.

Weight and menstruation

The fatty tissue is not created by nature for nothing, as it might seem. Controlling it is an important function of estrogen. A normal menstrual cycle is possible only providing that there is sufficient amount of fat in the organism. How can we define the desirable minimum and what can be whisked off in a gym without remorse? It is required to calculate the body mass index (BMI), which is equal to your weight (kg), divided by the height (m), squared. Its indices should be within the range of 19-25. With this weight, a female organism performs the best way.


Decline of the reproductive function is an unpleasant surprise for a blooming woman. In fact, after the age of 45, periods occur less frequently, forbearing the imminence of menopause. There are various medical means for the procrastination of this process. For a more detailed scheme it is better to see your doctor. Products that help to maintain a good level of estrogen include legumes, yam, soy, cabbage, beer, etc. At the initial stage menopause can be turned off with the help of a special diet.

Three powerful natural means, which can kick start your period

The following things will help to maintain a regular cycle and the quality of female health:

  1. Healthy food with high content of proteins, iron and vitamins;
  2. Maintaining an optimal weight and monitoring the amount of stored fat. (its percentage in the overall weight);
  3. Regular sexual life with a reliable partner.

If we speak about artificial “accommodation” of periods, your cycle will always be adjusted to your desires and needs, and you won’t even have to think of inducing a period, provided that you take wisely selected oral contraceptives.

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