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How To Induce Your Period: 5 Methods and 3 Powerful Natural Means

Any woman understands: although menstrual bleeding often causes us inconvenience and stress, having it regularly means, first of all, good reproductive health and, secondly, no pregnancy. That’s why when menstruation delays, we worry and think different things, how to induce a period, for instance. Most of us have been at least once in this situation. Reasons may differ but the result we need stays the same – onset of menstruation. We provide this article for all women, who have suddenly decided to induce period. Is safe triggering of menses possible? What means are available, medical & natural? We’ll answer these urgent female questions and provide more comprehensive information, concerning possible ways to induce your period.

Before we start sorting out available methods, inducing menstruation, answer yourself one important question, because solutions depend on your answer:

Why Do Your Want To Force Menstruation?

Normally this need occurs in those who suspect unplanned pregnancy. Another scenario: anticipating some important event (competition, wedding, romantic date, etc.) you absolutely can’t afford having menstrual bleeding on specific dates. In this case your desire to become “clean” sooner than planned is fully understandable. Another situation: a woman knows she can’t be pregnant now but her menstrual bleeding doesn’t start, so she worries she might have health issues.

Well, let’s see what you can do in every case and what would be right in this relation.

How To Bring On Your Period?

  1. Accelerating its onset for 1 day. Taking a hot bath and making passionate love often helps. Yes, so pleasurable, so easy. There’s an opinion that hot water induces blood flow towards reproductive organs, while sex tones the uterus. Altogether they provoke the onset of menstruation. This method works if your menses are coming but you’d rather have them a day earlier than a day later. Pay attention! Patients with hypertension shouldn’t take hot baths.
  2. When a female patient has amenorrhea. In some cases menses don’t start in the current month. If the next month the situation reoccurs, a woman requires gynecological consultations. In other words, no menstruation during 40 days or more is a weighty reason to get medical help. How to induce your period? For starters, a gynecologist would make an uterine ultrasound to exclude pregnancy that causes this delay. If needed, a doctor will prescribe progesterone injections. Menstruation will start on the 3rd – 5th day. Although, pay attention: you can’t prescribe such treatments yourself without doctor’s previous approval!
  3. If you need removal of period’s date when taking oral contraceptives. Stop taking pills from the current package 3 days before the date when you want period’s onset. Do that only in extremely rare cases, since side effects may involve the decrease of contraceptive effect or menstrual disorders.
  4. If you had unprotected sex. Take emergency contraception within limited time after unprotected sex. Oral emergency contraceptive solutions include Levonelle and Postinor taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex. Be careful: emergency contraception may tell on your reproductive health!
  5. Psychological reasons, delaying period. How to induce your period when you know that this month you’ve been through big stresses which delay menses? One can restore normal menstrual cycle, using herbal infusions within 1-2 weeks. However, treatment without detecting the underlying cause may trigger negative consequences. Applying herbs, regulating menstrual cycle, such as chamomile or calendula, you will minimize risks.

How To Induce Menstruation With Natural Remedies?

  1. Elecampane root. If a female patient experiences menstrual disorders or scanty menstrual bleeding, especially when hormonal medications are contraindicated, a natural remedy – elecampane root infusion – turns out very potent. Place elecampane root (1 tablespoon, minced) into boiling water (200-300 ml), decrease the temperature and boil for 5 minutes. Afterwards leave to infuse (20-30 minutes). Drink 50 ml twice a day. Usually menses start the same day. Be careful: pregnant women mustn’t take it. Within 1-2 hours after the ingestion it may provoke abortion.
  2. Fennel root. Make infusion from fennel root (2 tablespoons) in 300 g of water, let it simmer on water bath during 20 minutes. This solution treats amenorrhea well yet it has fewer enthusiastic reviews on the Internet than elecampane root.
  3. Wild carrot seeds. They induce uterine contractions and help bringing on your period. Take 3-5 g of dry seeds before a meal.

For How Many Days Can Menses Be Late Within Norm?

Sometimes women panic and worry unnecessarily. Menstruation is late only for 2 days but her mind already draws pessimistic pictures. Let’s breathe in deeply, relax and find out when a girl really has nothing to obsess about.

In most women stable menstrual cycle involves 32-34 days, in some 23-25 days. Did you know that certain foods and stress may shift menstruation onset? 1-2 day delay occurs occasionally for every girl.

Hopefully, you have found answers to some vital questions here. Actually, Internet abounds with various recipes, promising your menstrual bleeding will start. Some recipes sound rather funny: if someone claims they work, I bet it’s a mere coincidence. However, as long as they are natural, why not? Example: eating much parsley or one whole lemon. Good luck and think twice before doing something doubtful!

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