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Normal vaginal discharge medically known as Leukorrhea is common in adult women.

What is leukorea?

Normal vaginal discharge is clear or white in color and a common bodily occurrence in all adult women. The medical terminology for the secretion is Leukorrhea. It is also referred to as the ‘white’. The vaginal secretions are nothing to be alarmed about. Vaginal secretions are a very natural phenomenon that happens in every woman. The vagina starts secreting a white sticky fluid once a girl attains puberty. However, the discharge tends to reduce after the beginning of menopause. As long as the discharge does not cause discomfort, itching, odor or irritation it should be considered normal.

Is Considered As Normal Vaginal Discharge?

There are a number of types of vaginal discharges, some requiring treatment and others being perfectly normal, with no real cause for concern.

It can be seen that the quantity of the normal vaginal secretions can vary quite considerably among different women and still be considered normal, just as the quantity of secretions in the mouth (the saliva) varies rather significantly in different people. However, if the amount of the discharge is annoying, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Understanding the Purpose of Normal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal secretions are the body’s way of keeping the vagina moist, which is desirable. The secretion also helps keep the vagina clean and aids in controlling various forms of fungal and bacterial infections.

What Prompts Vaginal Secretion

To understand what prompts normal vaginal discharge it must be remembered that the vagina like the uterus is part of the genital tract. The tissues that make up the genital tract are largely influenced by the female sex hormones; namely progesterone and estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the tissues in the genital tract to mature and progesterone further develops the tissues.

Changes occur in the lining tissues of the vagina, the cervix, as well as the uterus during each menstrual cycle. These changes are caused by the hormone estrogen which makes the cells lining the cervix secrete a thin slightly sticky mucus. The secretion is most marked during the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Increased Vaginal Secretion

The vaginal secretion generally increases when a woman is sexually aroused. This is again normal as the secretion acts as a natural lubricant in the vagina. The excess secretion also helps the sperm to swim easily through the genital tract to reach the woman’s egg.

Some women may experience excessive vaginal secretion when they are anxious, or during an illness, or when they are on certain medication, or when they are going through emotional turmoil, or during sexual frustration. The condition eases once the external cause is managed.

Excessive vaginal discharge can become a cause of concern as it can sometimes stain the undergarment causing discomfort.

The color and consistency of the normal vaginal discharge changes from clear to white thin to thick during the menstrual cycle. The discharge is the thinnest and clearest during the mid cycle and begins to change color and consistency as the woman’s menstrual date draws near. A woman is said to be ovulating during mid cycle when the vaginal secretion is thin and clear.