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Weight Gain During Period: 7 Powerful Control Steps

Weightgain period

Do you gain weight in your period? Many women complain they do. Generally our body mass depends on many factors: genetic predisposition, diet, physical activity, hormones, metabolism. Women can also add up pounds during menstrual cycle. Oh, yes, that renowned “female curse”, overtaking us monthly and interfering with our lives. Luckily we can control this process. Let’s see how. These article is for all women, who obsess over weight gain through menses and would prefer handling it properly. We’ll look into where extra pounds originate from, how much you can afford taking on during menstruation and how to control yourself so that your body doesn’t suffer from sad PMS consequences.

Mechanism of Weight Gain Before Period

Increased appetite, sometimes even late night hunger (Oh My…taboo!), constant thirst and uncontrollable mood swings… Does this picture seem familiar? At least its single strokes? Ok, then you are one of those lucky ones, acquainted with premenstrual syndrome not by hearsay. Besides, did you know that although many girls don’t suffer from PMS so evidently, with time the situation changes. Statistics claims: more than 90% of women suffer from certain premenstrual symptoms, including fat accumulation. PMS tells especially negatively on ladies, prone to excessive weight gain. Why does it occur?

Changes in hormones awake beastly appetite in some of us. 3-12 days before period hormone progesterone levels in female organism rise exponentially. Progesterone is responsible for pregnancy. Every menstrual cycle a female organism prepares for pregnancy. Of course, a woman, expecting a baby, must get good nutrition to support the development of her fetus. Therefore, nature designed our bodies so that during this period they must stock nutrients up.

Another moment should be taken into account: liquids also trigger weight gain during period. Menstruation, as everyone might have already noticed, can be accompanied by edema. Excessive water that we drink only increases it.

Taking On Pounds Through Menstruation: 1.9 lbs, No More!

Well, since weight gain during period is a generally acknowledged fact, we, certainly, would like to know how much weight we can afford gaining during menses without remorse. Normally, before period your body mass can increase only by 1.9 lbs, which melt by themselves after menses. However, in most ladies weight gain during menstruation ranges between 2.2-3.3 lbs. Now consider this: wolf’s hunger makes you eat up 6.6 lbs, after you shed 5.9 lbs at best… As a result, 0.6 lbs settles on your waist…oh, no! Alas, yes, this mechanism works every month, accumulating unnecessary fat step by step. If you don’t want to continue growing in breadth monthly, follow simple rules.

Period Weight Gain: Control Steps For PMS Craziness

  1. Be feminine yet strong! All women know about dangerous days when a desire to eat much, most of which is forbidden, is especially overwhelming. Don’t lie to yourself, emotional over-eating also counts. Place a note in red ink on the fridge: “PMS will pass but extra pounds will stay with me”. It should stop you, shouldn’t it?
  2. Weighing yourself regularly after menstruation. Weigh yourself monthly after period always on the same day and note results in your menstrual calendar. If numbers don’t change, congratulations, you can handle your menstrual appetite.
  3. Taboo for sweets. Sweets must be out of the house in advance. When you begin accumulating many sweets at home, collect them into one bag and bring to work. Place them into a fancy bowl and leave in place, visible for everyone: overcoming your greed once is better than overcoming appetite every time, when you know that home stores sweets. Eat fruit instead of candies, better always, but at least during period.
  4. Have an “educational” talk with your other half. Men often unconsciously assist women in weight gain during menses. They simply avoid manifestations of your premenstrual symptoms – tears, hysterics, quarrels. So, trying to alleviate your stress and tension, your man may buy or cook something yummy. Sounds familiar? What a disservice, dear men! For reference: over a million tons of chocolate is eaten by women worldwide during PMS annually. Oh, those chocolate bars, they only wait for their chance to settle on your waist and hips. Watch out!
  5. Menstrual diet. Avoid fatty foods: pork, various sausages and cheeses with high fat content. Forget about fried potatoes & mayonnaise. Measure off vegetable oil with a teaspoon, limit nuts & seeds. Shy away from alcohol, pickles, sweets. Eat fiber foods, include some non-fatty meat, chicken liver, boiled seafood (mussels, oysters, nails), salmon, quail eggs, dried fruits. Due to blood loss through menses, you need to replenish your diet’s iron-containing compound. Wheat bran in this relation has no equals: simply add 1-2 tablespoons of wheat bran to food daily to raise hemoglobin levels. Avoid over-eating: eat small portions every 4 hours. Drink green & herbal tea.
  6. Physical activity. Much cardio activity with low intensity, such as walking, helps with menstrual symptoms and prevents body mass gain.
  7. Hydration. Don’t drink too much water – that increases edema. Drink in little gulps, rolling water in your mouth like a caramel. This way you’ll quench thirst faster and drink less water. Reducing salt in diet also helps with edema.

Has anybody noticed that diet experts recommend dieting exactly after period? As a matter of fact, after pregnancy failure (menstruation) a female organism gets rid of accumulated excessive fat gladly. Sticking to these simple control steps, you can avoid gaining extra weight through period. Stay slim & healthy!